Doorway to Ministry

2-3 times each year we offer this class, which serves as our doorway to membership at Bethel, but is much, much more. 

*Doorway 1 - Catch the Vision: You will learn the unique history, vision, and ministry structure of BCF.

*Doorway 2 - Firm Foundations: This door will set you on a scriptural "bed-rock."

*Doorway 3 - Gifts Discovery: Find out what your particular gift mix is and how to step into the flow of the work of the Holy Spirit.

*Doorway 4 - Crossing the Threshold: Use individualized assessment tools to help discover your Ministry S.H.A.P.E and open the door into fulfilling and fruitful ministry at BCF and beyond.

Alpha Course

Several times a year we offer sessions of this 12 week introduction to Christianity. We begin each meeting by sharing a meal and then watching a video together that explores some aspect of our Christian faith (Who is Jesus, Why Did He Die, Why Should I Read the Bible, How Does God Guide Us, Who is the Holy Spirit, and more). Then we discuss and ask questions - no question is off the table. Contact Bryn HERE if you have questions about the course - or about Jesus! And watch this page for the timing of the next session. All are welcome - and bring a friend!