We value healthy congregational life. We seek wholeness for individuals and the whole congregation, so we care for each other in spiritual and practical ways. Our individual wholeness is developed in the context of community so we have many opportunities to connect as a church: anything from food, fun, and serving others to Missional Communities. We do all of this as we deepen our friendships, grow in our faith, and spur one another on towards love and good deeds.



Mosaics are Missional Communities, medium sized groups (20 to 50 people) brought together by a common mission. When we come together in a Mosaic we can see and show God’s love for everyone by engaging together in three rhythms, IN, UP, and OUT. IN is Fellowship with one another, UP is focused on Prayer and Worship, and OUT is about Outreach - an intentional focus on loving neighborhoods and communities in the name of Jesus.


Young Adult Gathering - Tuesdays at 7 PM

Ben and Sara Feldkamp 


West Side Area - Thursdays at 7 PM

Tom & Cathy Oestreich

(612) 819-3689

Midway Area - Fridays at 7 PM

Justin & Nabintu Byakweli

(651) 756-1773