All of our kids ministries are released following the adult worship time...


Available all year long right off of the Fellowship Hall where infants and toddlers are welcomed with loving arms. Children are prayed over as their basic needs are met through fun times of songs, story books, and tender loving care.

BIG HOUSE Pre-School: (Ages 2 - Pre K):

A place for kids to learn what it means to belong to God and to his family. Released following the worship songs children are lovingly received and introduced to God through song, story, craft and play that teaches them that God loves them, watches over them, and cares for them as His children. 

BIG HOUSE Elementary (K-5th Grade Sep - May):

A place for Kids to believe in God wholly through fun and Spirit-filled times full of song, story, drama, craft and games. We encourage Kids to grow in their knowledge and walk with Jesus so that they may become His ambassadors in their homes, neighborhoods, and schools. Through worship, prayer, scripture, and missions we invite children to believe in God wholly and to step into His realm and BE who God has called them to be.

ILLUMINATE (6th Graders Sep - May): 

A place for kids to begin to become the light that God has created them to be as they learn more about who God is and start becoming who He has called them to be. This is a discipleship class to help students develop and deepen their knowledge of the Lord and His Word, as well as to understand the basic principles of Christianity. Each student is invited to explore their personal gifts and to be prepared and equipped to live a Faith-Filled life that radiates God's life and joy!

African House Banks

Our kid-inspired fundraiser, a product of the great vision and imagination of our Big House Elementary Kids, was a huge success last year. So much that we did it again!  The African House Banks that the kids made  in 2017 were used to collect $2,261 in change, which was then sent with Pastor Steve and a team of 13 adults to East Africa.  The money will be used to aid widows and orphans who are in crisis in Tanzania.  In 2018 the kids encouraged us to save our coin again, and raised another $1,988. 

Thanks to all who saved their change and gave with open hearts to those in need around the world.