The Youth are continuing to meet by ZOOM on Wednesdays at 7 PM.  Email Ms. Annette HERE for the link.

In addition, we have several opportunities to get together with different facilitators and different locations. Check them out and mark your calendars for the ones that interest you.

  • harry potter and the bible (pastor Andrew Gross)

    Did you know that powerful biblical ideas are woven all throughout Harry Potter's wizarding world? Even Dumbledore isn't smart enough to find them all. Are you? Come explore these ideas with Pastor Andrew in his backyard every OTHER Tuesday at 2 PM, starting on June 23rd. RSVP each time to make sure we've got enough people. 907 Juno Ave. 

  • small group with carissa

    What would you like to discover this summer? We will meet weekly for one hour on Saturdays at 10 AM. Starts on June 27th. Location to be determined. Check in HERE with Carissa for updates.

  • Psalm 23 and Art (Annette Bittner)

    Psalm 23 is such a rich chapter and seems to be known in some form by most believers. But did you know you could meditate on it for the whole summer and still not exhaust the understanding of it? Let's investigate Psalm 23 as we take what stands out and put it into art. Every OTHER Monday at 11 AM, starting June 29th. 525 Virginia St.  EMAIL with questions.

  • Walking with God - HOw to make it a daily habit (james Underwood)

    We will meet on Thursdays for SIX WEEKS from July 2 - August 6 from 7 - 8:30 PM. Location to be determined.  EMAIL for updates or if you have questions.

  • Music Lessons - Growing into Worship Music (James Underwood)

    We will meet on Thursdays for SIX WEEKS from August 13 - September 17 from 7 - 8:30 PM. Location to be determined.  EMAIL for updates or if you have questions.

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Monthly Parents' Prayer

1st Saturday of each month, 10-11

Parents of our youth gather monthly to intercede for our students.  We are already seeing fruit as a result of this prayer.  In Pastor Ben's words, "Our kids need us fighting for them."  Please join us even if you don't have kids in the program.

Radiate Student Ministries

Radiate = Verb


1. To emit energy (esp. light or heat) in the form of rays or waves. 

2. To naturally be giving off and spreading around the Love of Jesus Christ by loving God and Loving Others! 

We exist to RADIATE Life and Joy by being a place for students to Belong to God's Family, Believe in God Wholly, and Become who God has called them to be through times of connecting, fun, dialogue, learning, worship, and serving. That's why our Student Ministry is called "Radiate" and it is open for students in grades 7-12.

Junior and Senior High meet Wednesdays at 7 PM at Bethel St. Paul for a time to connect with God and connect with others. These are times when students will be able to get into the Word of God and explore what it says as they learn how to allow God's life and joy to affect every area of their lives! For more information contact Annette Bittner or check out our Facebook Page!