God's Ultimate Plan

By Jemimah Mawande

At the apex of our self-prescribed "success" and ambitions, we often neglect seeking out God's plan for us. Thus, we find ourselves in humbling situations. The biggest challenge, moreover, is the fact that , as humans we are constantly seeking to better ourselves. While this God-given quality is admirable, our judgment can be clouded when we limit our aspirations to worldly things such as wealth, education, fame, et cetera.

Eventually we are unsatisfied with realizing the futility of these superficial aspirations. We also realize how insignificant we are to the vast world. (Without us, the earth would keep revolving!) In this insignificance, we experience rejection - a hint from the world that there will always be someone better and more accomplished than we are. This constant craving for evasive success us detrimental to our self-esteem and even our faith.

I personally have experienced rejection in the subtlest forms from people I entrusted with friendship.However, my most recent rejection experience

resonates with multitudes of other high school seniors. “Ivy League Decision Week” was one that shattered dreams and dissolved ambition. Around the country many applicants felt betrayed as they recounted the amount of effort they had put into sleepless nights, heavy course loads, and the nerve-wracking weeks of anticipation. After all, hard work was supposed to be rewarding. Many students believed that these acceptances would validate the fact that they were diligent students worthy of success. I was one of these students who set these high expectations for myself. 


Unfortunately, there was a glitch in these plans: I had taken full control and shut out God’s voice which kept asking me to breathe and let Him take control. And when my anticipation was followed by disappointment, my heart shattered into a million pieces along with my self-confidence. I asked myself a lot of questions:  Was it all for nothing? Was I not good enough? What could I have done better to earn that spot? How could I have impressed them better?? Could I have edited my essay for the tenth time? Could I have done one more activity to better my résumé? Pretending that I was not hurt was the harder part. I could not help but wonder if I had been simply chasing the wind.


As these questions ran through my head so did God’s voice. I opened up to Proverbs 3:5-6, “Remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way. Never let yourself think that you are wiser  than you are; simply obey the Lord and refuse to do wrong” (GNTD). If this was not a revelation, I don’t know what was; after all I had taken too much control of the wheel that belonged to God. Besides, I should have been more grateful for all other blessings in my life and confident in the fact that God had a plan for me.


Sometimes God does not give us what we want because He has greater things in store planned for us. Different people might have different experiences with rejection, but the plan of God is divine. Whatever will come, we will rise above it because the Lord will never fail us. Surrendering to the will of God and trusting Him to lead me through uncertainty is paving the path to success for me. As May 1st (National College Decision Day) is looming, God will show me where He wants me to be.