We've had to change how we connect in order to STAY connected!

Check out the ways that our various groups have established in order to continue being together remotely while COVID-19 remains an issue:

  • Sunday morning worship

    You can access our morning worship and message through our YouTube channel - Bethel Christian Fellowship-Saint Paul. Click HERE to go there and hit the subscribe button.


    On Tuesday nights at 7 PM we meet over Google Hangouts. Please contact our leaders, Alex Ling or Bryant Medhus for details if you'd like to join us.

  • radiate youth

    Our youth have been meeting at 7 PM on Wednesday nights using Zoom. If you are interested in joining them, please contact Ms. Annette and she can give you all you need to connect. 

  • Roseville group

    On Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM, Gene Vanveldhuizen leads a small group by Zoom. Email Julie to request an invite to their group.

  • Bible study group

    On Thursday nights at 7 PM, Rich Doebler and Shelley & Steven Lutes lead a small group on the Zoom platform. Email either Rich or Steven if you'd like to receive a Zoom invite to their group. They are currently studying the book of Colossians.

  • Bi-weekly women's group

    Every other Friday at 9:30 AM, Beth Mork is hosting a women's group on the Zoom platform. Email Beth to request a Zoom invite to their group. They are starting a 5 week video based series on May 1st, "The Secret Joy of a Surrendered Life" (by Laura Story). Beth has free access to the videos. Contact her for Zoom info and video access.

  • frogtown group

    On Saturday nights at 7 PM, Ken & Sharon Holmgren lead a small group, also on the Zoom platform. Please email Sheila to request a Zoom invite to their group.