March 11, 2021 Bethel Christian Fellowship

God Never Promised

God Never Promised

By Liz Kimmel


God never promised a life full of ease,

No worries, no tension, no pressing needs.

What He promised to be is our comfort, our friend,

And a place of refuge at every bend. 1


God didn’t promise we’d never sin

Even after we’ve given our lives to Him.

What He promised is grace and forgiveness bestowed

On the heart that submits and resists that broad road. 2


God knew full well that we’d sometimes stray

And our hearts would set out on a different way.

His promise to us is to help us return,

And He’ll counsel and teach us how to discern. 3


God never said we would not be distressed

Or feel we’re constrained in a steel press.

Instead, though we’re troubled on every side

His promise of peace will not be denied. 4


God never promised prosperity

In the way that the world would have us believe.

But He promised that all we need is supplied

From the glorious riches that He multiplied. 5


Not once did God say that we’d never be ill,

Though every disease must submit to His will.

At times He’ll allow sickness to remain

That His strength through our weakness is made very plain. 6


God didn’t promise we’d never be hurt

Or depressed or abandoned or treated like dirt.

What He said is His love is the ultimate cure

For in all things it bears, believes, hopes, and endures. 7


God never promised our years wouldn’t end.

Martha’s brother died once, then he died again.

But His promise to all who trust in the Lord

Is a heavenly body, a perfect reward. 8


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