March 18, 2021 Bethel Christian Fellowship

King of Light

King of Light

By Liz Kimmel


Before time, there was You. Before anything, there was You. Out of Your creative imagination came all things good and pleasant. And of everything you created, You were Lord. Yours, and Yours alone, was all power and glory, dominion and might. Yet You joyfully desired to dwell among Your creatures and have sweet communion with them all.


Then sin reared its ugly head, and with its cruel, misshapen hand, ripped that sweet communion from the lives that it had touched. Guilt and sorrow, fear, despair, all forced their way into the hearts that You had formed in love. And darkness covered the earth.


But You, who formed the sun and stars to light our days, You, the very source of all illumination, You could not endure that dark.


You stepped down from Your throne and left behind the courts of heaven and the constant praises of the heavenly host. You came to earth, and by your birth, returned to us the light that long ago had ceased to shine within our hearts. All guilt must go and sorrow flee. Fear and despair no longer have a place in me. Lord Jesus, all that ever was Yours still belongs to you. All power and glory, dominion and might belong to the King of Light.