April 12, 2021 Bethel Christian Fellowship

Introducing BCF's New Website

Introducing BCF's New Website

Hello Bethel family!

After four months of hard work and dedication, BCF is excited to announce the launch of our new website! Watch this video made by Rebekah Hanson to introduce you to our new “front” door.


One year ago, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and being unable to gather for in-person service, BCF leaders realized we needed to improve our digital media presence. 10 church members came together and formed a digital media committee to evaluate what BCF needed to do to stay connected with and minister to people as they were quarantined at home. In addition to creating livestream services on Sunday, we felt it was essential to redesign BCF’s website, as it became the virtual front door for visitors and attenders of BCF. In December, we transitioned over to FaithLife as our website host which also offers many other helpful church tools and integrates with our existing church management system Servant Keeper. Rebekah Hanson led the website redesign and Benjamin Mason produced video content for the new website. After four months of creating and refreshing content, capturing photos of the BCF Family and creating BCF-specific content videos and discovering other ways to actively engage online with people, we launched the new website on April 1, 2021 A special thanks to Tyler Hanna from CCCC for sharing his knowledge as a website designer and guiding us along the way.


Website goals and priorities were established based on survey responses from 15 church individuals representative of BCF attenders:

  • Incorporate vibrant photos, videos, and graphics that represent the diversity and community at BCF
  • Clearly explain ways to connect at BCF and incorporate an online calendar for attenders and visitors
  • Create a blog where our LIFELine stories can be accessed directly on the website
  • Make online giving easily accessible
  • Implement the use of mobile-friendly site (over 60% of users access our website from a mobile device)


We wanted our virtual presence to be as welcoming as our lobby on Sunday mornings and to communicate warmth and hospitality, which is our hallmark at BCF. 

  1. For Newcomers - Our new website presents information about our church more visually and streamlined for all users. We are excited about the website section for visitors called “I’m New” that provides information about what to expect on a Sunday morning, ways to connect, video testimonials from friends who became family, and more.
  2. For Regular Attenders - Our new website makes it easy to find what is happening at BCF, participate digitally (especially during COVID-19), and to get involved. Our new website includes a church calendar, blog, and tools to connect with small groups, as well as interacting digitally.

We invite you to explore our new website and share it with others! Thank you again to Rebekah and Benjamin for pioneering the website redesign, and others in the church who provided website feedback to ensure our website welcomes visitors as warmly and vibrantly as our lobby on a Sunday morning. We also thank the other members of the digital media team who offered their time and talents to move this project forward: Matthew Cox, Rich Doebler, Reuben Hanson, Sam Holmgren, Liz Kimmel, Cherie Monge, Carole Pankow, and Steve Rasmussen. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email Rebekah at rebekah@betheltwincities.org. We’d love to hear what you think!