May 20, 2021 Bethel Christian Fellowship

More Than a Band-Aid

More Than a Band-Aid

By Julie Thompson


Each year the inspiration for the banner comes a little differently. It always starts with prayer and a listening ear. From there anything can happen. It may be a dream, a conversation, a scripture, or even the picture on a bag from a fast-food place. This year I spent a lot of time pondering what healing community is.


  • A community that is in the process of being healed
  • A place that provides healing for others
  • An action we as believers are called to in response to the grace we have been given


From there things began to take shape. As a healing community, we are the light that shines in the darkness of our broken world. Thus, the gold lettering on the black background.


A band-aid to represent healing? We need, and need to provide, more than band-aid solutions for the problems we face. At the same time, we are like the small child who asks for a band-aid, when what they really are seeking is reassurance from someone who cares. Having the band-aid reassures them that they are cared for. We can be that caring someone to our hurting world because we know our Abba Father who cares for us. I wasn't sure about using it as an image, so I ran the idea by Pastor Steve. He responded with an enthusiastic, "Yes, with hands on it."


It would be wonderful to walk into a fabric store and see bolts of fabric in all of our shades of skin. That didn't happen, so I decided to use colors with meaning. Red for the shed blood of salvation. It is at the cross that true healing comes. Royal Blue representing the King and His kingdom. Green to remind us of new life in Christ. Finally, White stands for truth and purity. These are all elements needed for healing to happen. No pair of hands is one color. We need those who are different from ourselves if we are to be an effective healing community. As we work together to heal our community, both our hands and our hearts are needed, thus the heart on each hand. It is not enough to have compassion. There must be action with our compassion. At the same time, if our actions are not Spirit led, they are mere exercises in futility.


It often seems after a banner is hung, that others see themes and ideas in the art work that I have missed. It is always interesting to hear these insights.


I am looking forward to a year of discovering how this banner inspires others and seeing more of what God has in store for this healing community.