September 01, 2021 Bethel Christian Fellowship

The Spirit's Work in my Life

The Spirit's Work in my Life

Kathy and her husband Charlie

By Kathy Cook


COVID-19 has changed my life. I am sure most of you reading this have heard this statement. Often, it is because the virus has crippled them, or they have lost people in their life close to them. However, I am not referring to the virus striking my family. I am talking about work and how the Holy Spirit has led me to do something completely different in my life yet again.  


I started doing massage therapy because I believe God called me to this profession. With the shut down and the fear factor increasing, my customer numbers were dwindling. I prayed about what to do, and through my son Andrew I found a new job. I am currently a medical device manufacturer. Yep, I make CPAP equipment, respirator components, and COVID-19 testing equipment, and a ton more medical stuff. This is NOT where I thought I would ever end up. Was this what God wanted in my life? Why am I at this factory? 


The Holy Spirit has led me on some interesting conversations and encounters with people through my massage therapy. When I am one on one with people, God is faithful to ALWAYS show up! I would tell my patients that God has given me the ability to affect the physical aspect of their bodies, and through the Holy Spirit, He does the rest. I am the vessel that He uses, and we are a pretty good team. 


Factory work is not massage therapy, and it is loud. You are often alone and not paired up with anyone where you can have meaningful conversations. What on earth was I thinking, did I miss God? Is this where I am supposed to be? How is God going to use me here?


So, I did what only makes sense to do, I started praying. In working with the people in my department, I have found that they all need Jesus. Even if they already know Him, they need the Holy spirit in this very ungodly place. I have been at this company for over a year now, and have had some interesting encounters with people where God has shown up. He always goes before me. I am never alone. 


A recent conversation was with my coworker Shannon. She is a young 38-year-old woman who trained me in the warehouse. When we had some time to talk personally, I heard God clearly tell me to share with her about the scar on my shoulder. Long story short, this scar was from a boil that would not go away and the only reason it did is because I got prayer. The Holy Spirit showed up and healed me within 24 hours of the doctor cutting my shoulder wide open. It’s a cool testimony and it's often a talking point.


I also shared one of my testimonies with her about how God delivered me from hatred. As I began speaking about someone I knew, she could tell by the sound of my voice that I had hated this person. She was not wrong. I told her that because Jesus loves me and wants me to spend eternity with Him, He didn't want me to hate this person anymore. With His help, I was able to forgive.   


The next day she came to me and asked about forgiveness. Shannon and her husband have been estranged from her step-daughter for 5 years. While she said that she had forgiven their daughter, I mentioned to her that one of the hardest things to do is to forgive yourself. I spoke life into her and told her that even though she messed up, God restores. If she will take the first step, He will help her get through the rest. She knows Jesus and she smiled and thanked me, acknowledging that this was just what she needed to hear. We spent some time in prayer together right then and there. God is awesome.