Worship Time & Location

Our church has been serving the Twin Cities for 90 years. 

Our calling is to Radiate Life and Joy as a House of Prayer for All Nations. We cross cultural, racial, economic, and denominational barriers as a mosaic of people who experience unity in the midst of diversity.


Located on our YouTube Channel Bethel Christian Fellowship St. Paul.


meeting in parking lot* at

1466 Portland Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104

10 am on Sundays

* if weather is unsuitable for outdoor services

we will meet indoors

We are an inter-denominational church which is a part of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies and the All Nations Family of Churches.

Contact us by email or phone (651-645-1534) if you have questions or would like additional information about us.

All Nations Family of Churches

Besides being a house of prayer for all nations we are connected in ministry to the All Nations Family of Churches which is made up of 8 Congregations who worship in English, Haitian Creole, Hmong, Nepali, Oromo, Karen, French, and Swahili in St. Paul and in Minneapolis:


  • Bethel Christian Fellowship outdoor in person services Sundays at 10 am in parking lot.
  • Oromo Christian Fellowship Email Pastor Daniel for more info
  • Karen Christian Fellowship Email Pastor Shan Nee for more info
  • Himalayan Christian Fellowship Email Pastor Kishor for more info
  • Living Water International Email Pastor Ger for more info
  • International Christian Fellowship Email Pastor Justin for more info
  • Haitian Christian Fellowship Email Pastor Lidovick for more info


  • Cross Culture Community Church Visit their website for more info